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Finally, A Whole Collection Of Press Releases,
Headlines, Story Ideas, Opening Paragraphs
Just For Your Business, Industry Or Profession...
And All Of It Done For You!

You told me you want press releases written just for your business.

You told me you want lots of story ideas written just for you.

You told me you want lots of specific, word-for-word headlines for your press releases.

Done - all of it, just for you.

Over 80 Complete Publicity Campaigns

To answer all of your wishes, I've created a series of over 80 different manuals, each one written specifically for just one business, industry or profession.

In these manuals you'll find complete press releases you can steal and use as your own.

You'll find word-for-word headlines you can copy and use in your press releases.

You'll find opening paragraphs to go with the headlines I've done for you.

And you'll find dozens and dozens of very specific story ideas.

An Entire Year Of FREE Publicity

Plus, you'll get an entire one-year calendar of publicity ideas. That's twelve months of publicity that can bring you profit-producing, business-building publicity every month of the year, every single year from now on.

It's All Been Done For You

All of this has been done for you. And all of it is very specifically for your business, industry or profession. Complete publicity campaigns - press releases, headlines, story ideas...even an annual calendar with story ideas for each month of the year.

head1.jpg 150x152Paul, I just thought I'd let you know you're crazy! As I read the sales letter for the niche manuals you have created, as I always do, I was thinking of the ceiling price in my head that I was willing to pay. The conservative side of me came up with $500. Then I rationalized anything under 4 figures when I realized all the work is basically done for me. And finally, when I saw my profession actually listed, I thought "Who are you kidding - you're gonna pay whatever price is shown. Go get your credit card!"

When you mentioned the "paltry $35" price, I literally shook my head, cleared my eyes and looked again expecting to see another zero. I immediately went to the other room and got my card in a hurry, half expecting you to raise the price before I got back.

You are out of your mind, but thank you for being nuts. Because you could have gotten at least a thousand more of my dollars. And I am TOTALLY SERIOUS about that!

Sean Smith, President MVP Success Systems

Are You Listed Here?

Here are the manuals already done. See if you fit into any of these categories and then click on the manual you want to order:

bullet Accountants
bullet Actors
bullet Alternative Healers
bullet Antique Dealers
bullet Architects
bullet Artists
bullet Authors and Writers
bullet Auto Mechanics
bullet Beauty Salons/Hair Stylists
bullet Bookstores
bullet Building Contractors
bullet Business Coaches
bullet Car Dealers
bullet Carpet Cleaners
bullet Car Washes
bullet Caterers
bullet Chiropractors
bullet Churches
bullet Clothing Stores
bullet Computer Programmers and Software Developers
bullet Copywriters
bullet Cosmetic Surgeons
bullet Dance Schools
bullet Day Care Centers
bullet Dentists
bullet Dietitians
bullet Dry Cleaners
bullet Ebay Sellers
bullet Entertainers
bullet Entrepreneurs
bullet Fashion Designers
bullet Financial Planners
bullet Fitness Centers
bullet Florists
bullet Graphic Designers
bullet Home and Furniture Stores
bullet Home Inspectors
bullet Hospitality
bullet Hypnotists
bullet Illustrators
bullet Insurance Professionals
bullet Interior Designers
bullet Jewelers
bullet Landscape Contractors
bullet Lawyers
bullet Limousine Companies
bullet Marketing Consultants
bullet Martial Arts Schools
bullet Massage Therapists
bullet Medical Doctors
bullet Mortgage Brokers
bullet Multi-Level Marketing
bullet Musicians
bullet Non-Profit Organizations
bullet Opticians
bullet Personal Coaches/Life Coaches
bullet Personal Property Appraisers
bullet Pharmacists
bullet Photographers
bullet Physical Therapists
bullet Podiatrists
bullet Political Candidates
bullet Printers
bullet Professional Speakers
bullet Psychotherapists
bullet Real Estate Agents & Brokers
bullet Real Estate Appraisers
bullet Recruitment Companies
bullet Restaurants
bullet Retailers
bullet Security Firms
bullet Self-Storage Business
bullet Spas
bullet Tax Preparers
bullet Tour Guides
bullet Trade, Art and Music Schools
bullet Travel Agents
bullet Veterinarians
bullet Videographers
bullet Website Owners
bullet Wedding Planners
bullet Weight Loss Centers

I've done all the work for you. No more will you say: "My business isn't suitable for free publicity" or "I don't have the time to come up with press releases", or "I really don't know how to do it."

No More Insecurity

Just think: No more guessing on your part. No more insecurity. No more wondering if you did it right.

But there's more. Not only do I give you the complete press releases, headlines and story ideas, I even dissect them so you know why they'll work for you.

All that's left for you is to add your personal information and get them into the hands of the reporters.

From this day on you'll have no more excuses for not getting the free publicity you deserve.

Each manual is approximately 60 single-spaced, jam-packed pages. They're priced at a paltry $35 each plus $7 shipping for each manual.

Your "Swiss Army Knife Of Publicity"

Think of each of these manuals as your "Swiss Army Knives" of publicity. Everything you'll need to get profit-producing publicity is right there, waiting to be used.

Your next step is simple. Click on the manuals you want from the list above, and add them to your shopping cart. Your manuals will be rushed to you immediately.

Then sit back and watch how easy your publicity campaigns become!

So right now, scroll back up to that list of manuals that are available, click on the manuals you want to order, then get ready to get publicity over and over again, every month of the year, year after year.

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